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Checksum Aide
Hash code calculation utility.

Key Features:
  • Small system footprint.
  • Compatible with Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10.
  • It comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Drag and drop data to/from other applications.
  • Drag and drop files from Windows Explorer. You can use this tool to drag multiple files from the file system and automatically calculate hashcode strings.
  • Drag a file onto the Checksum-Aide desktop icon to start the program and automatically calculate hash codes.
  • Export hash codes to comma-separated (CSV) or tab-separated (TSV) files.
  • Generate hash code on a block of text.
  • Generate hash code on a single file or multiple files at a time.
  • It includes context-sensitive help and a searchable tutorial document.
  • Modify application settings from the Preferences screen.
  • A portable version is also available.
  • It supports 11 different hash codes.
  • Support ASCII, UTF-8, and Unicode data formats.

Checksum Aide is a free graphical tool with which you can easily generate hashcode string values. With this tool, you can verify that a downloaded program from the internet has not been corrupted or tampered with.

If you are a developer, you can use this tool to generate your hash codes so that your end-user can confirm the authenticity of your software. When Checksum Aide is used in this way, it becomes a checksum integrity verifier that you can use to protect your software distribution.

Many hash generator tools exist, but not many of them offer multiple different hash codes (including MD5, SHA1, SHA 256, and many more). With this tool, you can quickly and easily generate a hashcode string for copying and pasting to other applications. Checksum-Aide, also available as a portable hash code tool, can generate up to 11 different hash codes (including SHA-256, as previously mentioned). You can use it to get the hash code for a block of text, or you can calculate the hash code for a file on your computer. You can also calculate the hash codes for multiple files at one time.

Checksum Aide is not just a CRC checksum tool only; it can do much more. The cryptographic hash codes generated by Checksum Aide include CRC32B, MD5, SHA1, SHA2-224, SHA2-256, SHA2-384, SHA2-512, SHA-3-224, SHA-3-256, SHA-3-384 and SHA-3-512.

Below, you will find the various versions of Checksum-Aide that are available on this website:
    • Checksum Aide 32 Bit
    • Checksum Aide 64 Bit Version
    • Checksum Aide 32 Bit Portable
    • Checksum Aide 64 Bit Portable

As mentioned earlier, this is a free product with absolutely no strings attached. Therefore, you can use this product for as long as you want and even make copies (per the License Agreement).

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Download Links

Click on one of the links (below) to download the setup program:
EXE Version
C-A-Setup.exe  (recommended for most people)
C-A-setup64.exe (recommended for most people)
MSI Version
C-A-Setup.msi (Download this file to use Microsoft's MSI installer)
C-A-Setup64.msi (Download this file to use Microsoft's MSI installer)
Portable Version
Checksum_Aide_32_bit.zip  (Extract with Unzip Utility)
Checksum_Aide_64_bit.zip  (Extract with Unzip Utility)
Hash Codes

Use the the SHA-256 code below to verify the authenticity of Checksum-Aide:
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